Lost Heaven
I am in an endless dream with you.
Lost Heaven
Naya / 내아 / ネア/ 901215
Sungjong's ♡ Princess ♥ Taemin's ♡ Sunflower
이성종 ♡ 공주 ♥ 이태민 ♡ 해바라기



Not all of people know but in order to get full SNS points on Inkigayo, the mv needs to have 3.2M+ views. So use this playlist to help increase the views on the Danger MV. Winning a chart on debut is something amazing that Taemin deserves. Put the playlist on loop and let it play for as long as you can. If you get tired of the song, mute your browser, not the video! Like that you will also be able to play it in multiple tabs.


SHINee World, fighting!

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